Missed Photo Op

My hands were a bit full in this moment, so picture this.

When my husband fetched Yeti from the boarding kennel on our way home from our camper, he carried Yeti. Translated: Yeti was not in his carrier.

Apparently, he had a little hissy-fit about my husband retrieving him and not “Me-om.”

Yeti endured being held by my youngest for about half the journey, all the while gazing longingly at me with his big blues. Eventually, he made his way over to me.

And Shadow.

Shadow is a fabulous car-traveler. He is better than Zoe, who has to be crated and sounds like a chimpanzee whenever we near our final destination. Shadow either sits or sleeps the entire time.

Yet, introduce a cat crawling over to my lap where his nose is resting?

He did try it–a couple play bites. After all, Yeti is his favorite friend. But, a quiet stern “No bite” led to something not even I expected:

A couple soft licks and head-to-head cuddles the rest of the way home.

Trust me…it was a pretty picture.