Doing the Things They Do

Zoe allowing Shadow to cuddle up with her at the camper last weekend.

Maybe Zoe knows something we don’t. But, I know this picture would never have happened with Doc.

As much as Zoe and Doc got along, she was the alpha. I remember her staring him off the bed more than once. If we showed attention to him, she was right there asking for the same treatment and a little bit more. They played keep away with toys in the best way. She tried to frame Doc by stealing a sandwich the first few days of his arrival. He was on to her plot when she attempted the same thing with a muffin. They conspired together by sequestering Yeti’s mouse toys in their mouths and asking to go outside. Doc had an over-active guilt complex. He put himself in a timeout whenever Zoe got scolded for “cleaning up” the yard by “picking up” after Doc. So, I have no doubt who instigated the above crimes. Yet, they had a great relationship, and I know she misses her back-up when the doorbell rings.

We know this because she brought Doc’s duck to Dave and whined not long after Shadow joined our pack. Or she knows something we don’t.

Maybe Shadow does, too. He may sense my increased attentiveness to her, but he has upped his own.

Maybe they both know something we don’t know. Which is why she gets off the bed if he wants to be there. I haven’t witnessed any frame-ups or conspiracies or clean-up efforts this time. She is quick to tell him when he has gone too far with his playing, yet she understands he and Yeti need their wrestle time. She does steal his rawhides, but stopped a few weeks ago. In fact, yesterday, I’m convinced she brought him the knotted end of a bone. He was “cleaning” the cat box again.

Which started the week after she let him cuddle up to her on the same blanket at the camper.

Maybe they are just doing the things they do…when they know something we don’t.


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