Allergies in Dogs: Don’t Quibble about Switching Your Pets’ Kibble

Like people, dogs can also have allergies. Zoe is one of these cases.

We discovered she has seasonal allergies that appear as ear infections in September. But, she also has a food allergy to chicken. The tell-tale signs of exposure are increased itchiness, darkened skin, and hair loss.

At our vet’s recommendation, we switched Zoe’s food. I tried a lamb-and-rice blend first and thought all was well. But, she was still itchy and blotchy. Reading further down the list of ingredients, I discovered that chicken broth was used as a flavoring agent. So, we had to change foods again!

I have finally settled on a salmon-and-pea blend she loves. I can’t remember the last time she had an ear infection. They make a cat food, too, in case she ever gets into Yeti’s food. I wish there was a puppy version. But, we will have to settle for a lamb-and-rice food with a seafood flavoring for Shadow until he is a little older. By the way, his skin and ears look fabulous since we put him on a non-chicken-based diet.

I’m not a vet, but I highly recommend changing your pets’ diets if allergy symptoms occur. It may cost more in food bills, but it will save on vet costs and make your pet healthier and happier.


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