Wake-Up Call

Someone commented yesterday that I look tired. I could have given several reasons, but only one came to mind and blabbered out of my mouth like I was coming out of a dream-fog.

“I have a puppy.”

After all, he wakes me up around 4:00 every morning. Zoe and Yeti are waking up at that time, too.

So, these recent shadows under my eyes are thanks to Shadow. And I am grateful. Why?

  • More Personal Time: I have gained four to five hours of personal time every day. I am completing my daily reading. My long-term and short-term writing projects are progressing. I have time to update my Facebook feeds and check my LinkedIn profile for job postings. All before 8:00 am!
  • More Ironing Time: This may seem like an insignificant thing, but to my husband it is important. I actually hate ironing, but I have no excuses when my own goals are accomplished. Maybe I’ll finally get to organizing the basement. Wishful thinking.
  • More Teaching Time: I am still home educating our teenage boys. Now I have more time to help them with their studies during the day because I am being more efficient in the morning.
  • More Exercise Time: This one I hope to implement today because I am becoming so efficient, I am getting restless. Besides, Shadow could use the exercise to tire him out. Zoe and I could use it to drop a few pounds.
  • More Sleep Time: I know it seems unlikely, but I am forced to go to bed earlier.
  • More Eating Time: Now this one I have to watch, but I am getting my three-square meals every day.
  • More Hobby Time: I have more time for my hobbies like knitting and playing my viola.
  • More Puppy Time: Of course, there is more time for training Shadow and cuddling at the end of the day. How bad could that be?!

This morning, I automatically woke up before 4:00 am. Yeti immediately nuzzled and licked my face. Zoe crouched in Doc’s old spot by my side of the bed. This time it was our shifting that gave Shadow a wake-up call. Maybe it is time to begin a new routine.


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