Our Girl

Nine-year-old Zoe had three biopsies on Friday.

One on her chest yielded fatty cells. The one on her neck–this was the one we felt had changed recently–didn’t show anything conclusive. It’s the one between her toes that has us most concerned as there are several abnormal cells. We have been monitoring that one, too, and it had also changed in size and color. Pathology results are pending, and we should hear in a few days. Prayers appreciated.

Reminding the old gal she still knows her old tricks.



2 thoughts on “Our Girl

  1. Pathology confirmed low-grade sacroma. That means the skin cancer is most likely slow-growing and can be treated surgically. It’s the best case scenario. Thanks for the prayers!


  2. Surgery day for Zoe. She had three tumors removed–one sarcoma on her right foot, one growth on the back of her neck, and one fatty tumor near her sternum. She is recovering well.


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