Playing Through the Pain

The post that birthed a blog.

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I wish there were more people like him.

When I met him, he had been abandoned. No doubt it was hard for his family to leave him and his friend. Life isn’t fair, especially during a housing crisis. Life isn’t fair, especially when abandonment happens twice at the acceptance of the friend by others. Life isn’t fair, especially waiting…watching…hoping…waiting…for a month.

Then my husband and I walked in the door.

Maybe he did this with everyone who walked in the door. He nudged his favorite thing toward us. He didn’t even know us yet. How could he trust us to give it back? But, of course, one of us picked it up and tossed it him. How could we not? He pushed it back with more enthusiasm. We responded with encouragement. The game began.

That game went on and on. For six years.

Some days we had to stop him…

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